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Today from work, to everyday life people feel stressed out, unfocused, and overwhelmed. The constant feeling of being unfulfilled, disoriented, and unsettled has become the norm for many.

The solution we are told is simply to change how we 'think'. But how many times have you told yourself not to think a certain way, only to then find yourself doing the opposite?

This top-down classical approach to behavior change is largely ineffective, especially long term. But, there is a better way, and one that is inspired by ancestral wisdom.

To be truly fulfilled requires reconnecting with the uncluttered, minimalist embodied wisdom of our ancestors, our human animal — and in doing so unlock our natural inner rhythm. It’s time to RIˈWILD!

Through our sessions together I will teach you real world tools and strategies you can apply to show up in life with poise, focus and clarity. Most importantly, I will show you how to gain the edge in life, on your own terms!

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Rodney, you made me feel more comfortable within myself, more disciplined. Thank you for coaching me and training me, not only physically but mentally. I've become more centred in every aspect of my life. Day by day I say goodbye to the fearful and anxious person I once was. I am so grateful and excited to continue on this journey.
Anji Woodley - Actress


(Dr. King has just recently relocated to Douglas, Isle of Man)

Dr. Rodney King (but everyone calls him ‘Coach’) is a world renowned martial arts teacher, mindfulness-in-action expert, and a leading authority on finding purpose and fulfillment by returning to the wisdom of our natural instincts. His method which he developed over two decades, takes an experiential approach to each coaching session, placing emphasis on teaching tools and strategies that you can apply anywhere in life.


The goal is to enable you to show up in life
with poise, focus and clarity.



At a time where people are feeling fragmented, anxious, stressed out, and suffering from a loss of meaning — I believe the antidote, and the way to show up in life with poise, focus, and clarity is to reconnect to our natural instincts. The knowledge of our natural instincts can be found in fully embracing the ancestral wisdom of merging mind, body and the intelligence of the natural world.

Unlike most life coaching approaches that center exclusively around dialogue, sessions with me is an embodied journey. Each 45-min session is grounded in martial arts, various movement practices, infused with embodied philosophy, mindfulness in-action training, and neuroscience. For example, you will learn how specific breathing protocols can aid you in managing your stress; or how martial arts practice can teach you how to remain focused under pressure. Crucially, the tools and strategies you learn from me can be applied anywhere and everywhere in your life.
Rodney has a unique and empowering coaching approach. In a time when people are feeling anxious, fragmented and struggling to find meaning, Rodney’s work shows a way to reconnect with your instinct so you can unlock your natural inner rhythm. The outcome: the confidence to ride that next big wave of your life.
Shaun Tomson - Surfing Legend

While each 1:1 coaching session is unique, sessions are grounded in the following key areas:


Master an 'embodied' approach to mindfulness, so that you can purposefully choose to become fully attuned to the present moment with clarity, composure and calmness especially in a difficult situations.


Discover that the separation of mind and body is an illusion, and instead how to harness the natural intelligence of your body so you can show up in life like a on your own terms.


Steady your inner state so you can surf life’s chaos. by learning how to speak to your nervous system so you can keep calm in the face of obstacles. You will also explore and learn about the healing power of nature backed by science in aiding you becoming more calm, and focused.


Finally we will look at how to unlock the Flow State so you can as surfing legend Shaun Tomson notes, "surf that next big wave in your life!"

"There are few people I’ve met in life who have as much passion about helping others as Rodney. He cares deeply about getting people results. That’s not easy to find these days."
John Michael Morgan - Best Selling Author of Brand Against The Machine
"I loved how Rodney King weaved his life story, and together with his martial art practice, was able to succeed and win at the martial arts of everyday life."
Naveen Jain - Founder & CEO of Moon Express & Viome
"Rodney King inspires, teaches and has taken his life of training to empower others to take on life and win. He is a true master in his art and a warrior with the knowledge and the grit anyone would want to learn from."
Dr. Mark Green - Lieutenant Colonel US Army (retired)

Throughout the {Instinct Code} Experience You will Rediscover the Healing Benefits of Your Natural State - while Reconnecting to Your Mind & Body. Get Ready to Riˈwīld Yourself.