Many of us in the modern world are struggling with staying focused, feel overwhelmed, stressed out and just generally frazzled!

Welcome to the battle of modern life. All of us to some degree are feeling these disruptions in our daily life, but for most of us we have no idea what to do about it.

I’ll take away away the guesswork for you….

Join me for 4 intensive Embodied-Mindfulness coaching sessions where I will share with you proven practices that you can do anywhere, at home, while traveling or even at the office. 

The Outcome: The ability to show up in your life focused, calm and resilient to life’s obstacles.

Over Four Sessions I'll Coach You How to Surf Life's Chaos.....

Hey Dr. Rodney King here…but everyone calls me ‘Coach’

For a limited time I am offering my 4 part intensive one-on-one coaching package on Embodied-Mindfulness at my home studio in Douglas, Isle of Man. I am available from now until the end of March 2022 when I will be returning to Thailand as the resident teacher at Tree Roots Retreat.

I spent several years as a social scientist researching the role mindfulness plays in peak human performance (this was the topic of my PhD). I have also had my own mindfulness practice for over two decades as a noted embodiment coach and accomplished martial arts teacher.

My approach to teaching mindfulness is somewhat different to what is out there. While I see mindfulness as crucial in overcoming the modern stress of life, its not enough. Instead mindfulness need to act as a springboard to embody tools and strategies that will help you manage your inner experience more effectively.

As such, while through our sessions I will coach you how to become more present in your everyday life, I will also share with you embodied practices that will enable you to bring more calm, less stress and more energy into your life.

Through our four 1-hour sessions together I will cover with you:

Session 1: Measuring Your Resilience to Stress

In this first session together we explore what HardCore Mindfulness is. Then we will explore the role your body's alarm system plays in causing most of our struggles with staying focused, feeling overwhelmed, stressed out and just generally frazzled. Most importantly I will show you an easy way to measure your resilience to stress and ways to begin to improve it.

Session 2: The Morning Energizer Practice

Need to get focused, energised and show up switched on for the day? This practice will show you how. This is the perfect way to start the day. You will want to do this first thing after waking up in the morning.

Session 3: The Anytime Defrazzler Practice

Feeling frazzled, overwhelmed, or just feel you need to recenter yourself during the day? This is the perfect practice that you can do anytime of the day.

Session 4: The End of Day Unwind Practice

At the end of the day, especially after a stressful one, you will feel sluggish, irritable, and often overwhelmed. This practice will help you re-balance your body's internal systems, bringing you back to a state of calm, and relaxed presence.

Bonus: Complimentary Practices

Throughout the 4 weeks together (we will do 1 session per-week) I will send you some fun practices you can add to what we already covered in our in-person sessions. Additionally, I am working on a virtual online version of this course, so when that goes live I will give you complimentary access to it.

50% off My Standard Coaching Package Fee!

I am only taking on 5 new clients at present at this offer. If you have been feeling like now is the time to show up in your life differently, with focus, calm, and fully energized – fill in my interest form below and I will get right back to you with availability and the 4 session package coaching fees at a 50% discount.

“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.” — Frank Zappa