A directed life coaching approach, giving you the tools, strategies and tactics so you can live a ‘Wild’Life!



Afraid to go against the grain, to step out of conformity, to object to the status quo.

But the more I found ways to buck the system, the more alive I felt.


Let me explain….


Already at 4-years old, I knew there was a problem with the system. So much so, that in kindergarten I used to wait until everyone had gone back into their classrooms after recess before I jumped the school wall to freedom and walked the 5-miles home. My Grandmother was in total shock when she answered the knock at the door, “Oh my god, how did you get here? You suppose to be at school!” Eventually, my kindergarten gave up trying to keep me within its walls and placed razor wire around the entire wall perimeter of the school.

And that’s how my entire childhood felt like: being imprisoned in a system that sought to domesticate me, eradicate my innate wildness, and take away my creative spirit. The more I fought back the more I was beaten down to conform.

In my 20’s I relented and decided if you can’t beat them join them. And that’s exactly what I did. For the next two decades, I put my head down, hustled, and accumulated all the trappings that the modern world says you need to be truly happy. I had the house in the right neighbourhood, a sports car, traveling the world, earned the most coveted academic qualification a PhD and my kids went to one of the most elite private schools in Johannesburg, South Africa.



But then it happened….


I woke up one morning and what I can only describe as an existential crisis.

I was miserable, and depressed, and wanted to find a way out. The thoughts running through my head weren’t pleasant and for the next several years I fought severe bouts of depression, anxiety, and melancholy.

I did what all good Fathers and husbands are told to do. I put my head down, continued to pretend to hustle, got on planes and coached around the world, continue to pay the bills, and obeyed the system as a good civilized human being.

In 2019 that all changed. My marriage of two decades ended, and I found myself pondering what now?



What seemed like the final straw was in fact a blessing in disguise.


I decided then and there to live my life on my own terms.


I realised that my malaise was largely due to the fact that I had become a slave to the machine, I had conformed and I had allowed the stat quo, our collective modern cultural narrative of consumption, greed, competition and narcissism to consume me. In short, I had lost my wildness and along with that my freedom. My new goal, my life’s mission, was to find a way back to what it truly meant to be a free-roaming, uncaged, wild human animal.

For the years to follow, I began to reintegrate what I loved about myself as a child, even though it was largely misunderstood, my largely forgotten innate wildness. I went into nature for answers and found what it truly means to be present. I reoriented my martial arts practice that I had done since 6-years old to be an experience first and foremost about survival skills, breaking free from the mundane, creative expression of the human animal, and invoking a true sense of wildness. I took all my academic work and distilled what I had learned into the most crucial elements, tools and strategies that would lead to human-animal flourishing. Finally, I purposively integrated indigenous ways of knowing and being into a strategy of fulfilment within the modern world I found myself having to live in.

If you are looking for a coach that will lead you on a path to flourishing built upon a framework of showing up on your own terms in life, not as some domesticated, restricted human animal, but one that is truly free to enjoy the ‘Wild’Life – then I am the coach for you. Not everything is about money to me as well, so I am equally open to bartering and swapping skills-for-skills, for my coaching sessions. Let’s talk!

"Rodney, you made me feel more comfortable within myself, more disciplined. Thank you for coaching me and training me, not only physically but mentally. I've become more centred in every aspect of my life. Day by day I say goodbye to the fearful and anxious person I once was. I am so grateful and excited to continue on this journey."

What Makes My Approach Different?

Directional Life Coaching

Unlike most life coaching approaches that suggest you have all the answers inside already, I believe that if this was truly the case you wouldn’t need a coach. In that respect, as your Guide to a ‘Wild’Life, I will be sharing with you insights, tools and strategies you can purposively apply in your life to show up Wild and Free.

Reinvoking Your Wild Spirit

You will be asked to engage in practices that will challenge your way of showing up in the world. You see, from my perspective, the number one reason most self-help approaches fail is because they are situated within succeeding in the very problem itself, the modern world. In other words, pretty much all self-help, psychological treatments and even life coaching itself are about aiding you in becoming better at conforming, about being good civilized human beings - in other words giving the machine exactly what it wants - all of your wildness and your personal freedom.

Reinterpreting Your Life's Story

I meet you where you are while recognizing that it’s not what is wrong with you that is holding you back from the life you most want to lead, but rather what happened to you. And what happened to you might just be the window into the liberation you are seeking.

Find Out More!

Frequently Asked Questions


I believe confidentiality amongst coach and coachee is the corner stone of a great relationship together.  With that noted, I abide by a strict code of ethics what ever you share with me in your sessions stays with us. I am also happy to sign an agreement to this effect.

2How many sessions should I do?

My experience in coaching others has shown that to begin getting positive life changing results a minimum of 4-sessions is needed. Typically this would be 1-session a week, over 4-weeks.

3What does a session look like?

Each session, either in person or virtually takes approximately an hour. In that hour we explore what's holding you back from showing up in your life on your own terms, and my part is to offer you robust tools and strategies you can begin to apply immediately in your life to change in the direction you most desire.

In other words, sessions are highly experiential, practical and require post coaching session commitment in completing all goals set prior to the next session together.

4What Does a Session Cost?

This is largely dependent on where you are currently in your life. I am also open to bartering skills-for-skills.

With that said, I ask that all new coachee's commit to a minimum of 4-sessions, with the typical investment being in the region of $600. Some of my coachee's commit more financially to their coaching sessions so that others who cannot afford coaching can be offered  sessions via my scholarship program.

After the 4 sessions you then decide if you want to continue, or you can do an occasional coaching session if and when you need it. Once I have coached you, you are always part of my Tribe!

5How Do I Get You As My Coach?

Simply fill in my coaching form above and I will get right back to you on availability.

Our first session together is the most important. This is where I get to know you, what you feel you need to work on and I will do the rest by mapping out a personal road map for your  wild success.

6I see you have coaching options in Thailand, Isle of Man etc...what's this?

I currently spend my time between living on the beautiful Isle of Man (in the middle of the Irish sea) and at Tree Roots Retreat in Thailand.

I regularly have Coachee's come to either of my residences to work on their innate wildness.

You can too....

Simply express that interest on my coaching form above, and I will give you available options.

For Thailand, you can stay at the Retreat itself, and we have amazing facilities and wild spaces for coaching sessions.

For the Isle of Man, I have a home studio, and some of the most beautiful landscapes for coaching. There are many places to stay from hotels, to AirBnB's.