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Dr. rodney King


Your Inner State Dictates Your Fate!

”My work explores the intersection between instinct, embodiment and optimal human flourishing. I believe the ability to break free from feeling anxious, fragmented and the struggle to find meaning so many of us are experiencing in modern life — is only possible through reconnecting with the embodied wisdom of our ancestors, underpinned by the latest scientific research in optimal human flourishing. At the heart of what I teach is that through positively embracing our instincts we can unlock our natural flow in life.

The outcome: showing up in life on your own terms, with poise, focus, and clarity.”

“I went from homeless at 17 to spending the rest of my life on an adventure searching for the secrets to showing up in life with poise, focus and clarity”

Dr. Rodney King is a world renowned modern martial arts coach and jiu-jitsu black belt. Born on the unforgiving streets and growing up in government housing in Johannesburg, he survived by choosing his own way. In the years to follow, Rodney served in the South African Defence Force’s close protection unit. As a platoon sergeant and lead hand to hand combat instructor for his team, he credits the military for teaching him about applied leadership. He spent several years working as a doorman (bouncer) outside some of Johannesburg’s roughest nightclubs, while all the time dreaming of one day teaching martial arts full time. And that’s exactly what he did! He went on to develop modern martial arts programs that are now taught globally.

He has taught personal threat management and inner game development all over the world. His students have included special force military operators, close protection teams, law enforcement officers, cabin crew, CEO’s and everyone else in between. Author, martial arts teacher, and embodied philosopher, Rodney has lived in the words of Viktor Frankl – a life where he has chosen his own attitude in any given set of circumstances, choosing his own

Brought up by an abusive alcoholic Mother, he was kicked out of the house at 17, finding himself sleeping on the streets and never finishing high school. Fast forward to today, Rodney went back to school, did his undergraduate work in psychology, earned a Masters in Leading Innovation and Change, and completed his Doctorate. His PhD thesis, and several years of research as a social scientist at the University of Leicester (UK) focused on the role mindfulness-in-action plays in peak leadership performance. Rodney is also a registered Somatic Movement Educator accredited by ISMETA. In addition he was one of the first handful of people to certify as an Exuberant Animal Coach with Frank Forencich. Along with all of this, Rodney has completed certifications in positive psychology, executive coaching, mental game coaching and more.

He is currently pursuing an additional Masters by Research at De Montfort University (UK) in the field of Ecopsychology, focused on the integration of mind, body and ecology.