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About Coach

Hi I am Dr. Rodney King....
but everyone calls me 'Coach'​

My approach to peak human flourishing honors ancient wisdom traditions, while moving with the present. My work is informed at the intersection of indigenous wisdom,  embodiment, and the intelligence of the natural world.

I believe the ability to break free from feeling anxious, fragmented and the struggle to find meaning so many of us are experiencing in modern life—is only possible through reconnecting to the embodied wisdom of our ancestors and the natural world.

At the heart of what I explore and teach is that through embracing our ancient embodied wisdom and through RiˈWīLDing our human animal spirit, we can unlock our natural flow in life.

The outcome?

The ability to showing up in life on your own terms: with poise, focus, and clarity.

My Journey to The Wild'Life'

My life has not always been easy. Like many of you reading my site, we all have had our fair share of childhood trauma. On reflection, mine, although tough, has given me exactly the empirical knowledge to foster empathy and compassion when assisting others on their journey toward healing.

Aggression was a large part of my childhood and teenage years. It was my only tool for survival and a refuge for the emotional pain I was experiencing growing up on the South side of Johannesburg. That aggression saw me flourish in my military and doorman (aka ‘Bouncer’) portions of my life, and ultimately as a full time martial arts instructor. It took some time for me to realize all that aggression was simply a shield I was hiding behind, a thin veneer covering the true ‘Rodney King’ whom at this stage had no opportunity to flourish and grow.

In may late 30’s I entered a phase of development that ultimately lead to where I am now. I did my undergraduate work in psychology, I then earned my masters in leading innovation and change, and spent several years as a social scientist earning my doctorate. My research topic was in mindfulness and its role in leadership performance (and at the time of writing this I am working on my Masters in Ecopsychology).

A few years into my PhD, I encountered a series of personal misfortunes, along with several health issues that almost saw my martial arts career coming to an end. Much of what happened during that time made me realize I hadn’t fully dealt with my childhood trauma. While I made it through my doctorate, thankfully to my personal mindfulness practice, I was in the end still diagnosed with severe depression.

From 2019 to date, I have been on a personal healing journey. My time living in nature both in Thailand and the Isle of Man has given me the space to realize what had made me both a success in life, but in turn the opportunity to change and evolve those aspects of myself that had always held me back. Drawing from these insights, I created the ReAwakening the Human Animal Project and Retreat. You can find out more about the RETREAT HERE.