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Reawaken Your Human Animal, Rewild Yourself & Unlock Your

What do we truly need to flourish?

To be truly fulfilled requires reconnecting with the uncluttered, minimalist embodied wisdom of our ancestors, our human animal and in doing so unlock our natural inner rhythm. It’s time to REWILD!


Show up in life with Poise, Focus, and Clarity.


Mind is not just your brain - it is all of you. Learn how to harness the power of awareness and clarity so you can show up in your life fully focused.


Your body is a natural intelligence and the seat of all your experiences. Learn how to skillfully explore your body through embodying flow, poise and presence.


Reconnect with the natural world through the full integration of mind and body. Discover a clear focus on what's truly important to living a life of purpose and joy.


Embrace Your INSTINCTS — While Living Your Life as an Artist in Flow!

At a time where people are feeling fragmented, anxious, stressed out, and suffering
from a loss of meaning — I believe the antidote, and the way to show up in life with
poise, focus, and clarity is to reconnect to our natural instincts. The knowledge of our natural instincts can be found in fully embracing the ancestral wisdom of merging mind, body and the intelligence of the natural world.

We need to ‘unschool’ ourselves from the falsehood of happiness promised in modernity and in turn relearn once again how to reconnect with the uncluttered, minimalist experience of being fully alive with ourselves within the natural world. In short we need to ‘Rewild’ ourselves!


Join us in Thailand for 5-days, for the inner adventure of a lifetime...


Rodney has a unique and empowering coaching approach. In a time when people are feeling anxious, fragmented and struggling to find meaning, Rodney’s work shows a way to reconnect with your instinct so you can unlock your natural inner rhythm. The outcome: the confidence to ride that next big wave of your life.
Shaun Tomson - Surfing Legend
Rodney is doing incredibly important work. At a time, where many of us are feeling fragmented, anxious, and depressed - through the art of self reliance - Rodney shows a path back to our authentic selves. A place where, each us, learn to forge our own path, on our own terms, guided by the perennial wisdom from those who have succeeded the adventure we call life.
Kurek Ashley - International Bestselling Author of 'How Would Love Respond'
"Rodney King's approach to the inner management takes cutting-edge behavioral psychology findings and through easy-to-learn techniques shows you how to harness the power of your mind through a personalised training program based on your unique values and goals.”
Dr. Richard Blonna - Author of Maximising Your Coaching Effectiveness with Acceptance & Commitment Therapy
“I have now worked with Rodney in various capacities—as a mentor, a collaborator, and as a student on the mat, and the more I have the privilege of knowing and being with him, the more I realize how exceptional he is in what he does. He has a natural leadership ability to inspire others to tap into their own capacities and to stretch beyond self-imposed limits."
Dr. Christian De Quincey - Philosopher & Author of Radical Knowing