My work is informed at the intersection of indigenous wisdom, embodiment, and the intelligence of the natural world.

I am currently pursuing a Masters by Research at the Department of Psychology, De Montfort University (UK). My research focuses on Mind, Body & Ecology: How Embodiment and Deep Connection to The Natural World Brings About Human Flourishing. I earned my Doctorate at the School of Business, University of Leicester, a global academy for leaders, innovators and change-makers. My research focused on mindfulness from an embodied perspective and it’s role in leadership performance. My masters was in Leading Innovation and Change, awarded from York St John University’s Business School. My undergraduate work was in psychology.

I have also pursued training in coaching, neuroscience and a registered Somatic Movement Educator with the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association (ISMETA). I am probably best known for my work in the modern martial arts space. I created Crazy Monkey Defense Boxing, Monkey-Jits and Weaponize-Your-Body programs that are collectively taught all over the world.


Explore My Work

Martial Arts Programs: I have practiced martial arts since the age of 6. Arguably my work in martial arts is what I have been most known for. You can follow and find out more about my work in the Martial Arts space HERE.

  • The Mindful-Embodied Leadership Course: This course emerged from my several years of research as a social scientist and the outcome of my Doctoral studies. I designed this course for leaders who have realized that authentic leadership begins from the inside first. Your inner state therefore as a leader dictates your fate in leading both yourself and others to success. You can find out more about the COURSE HERE.
  • The Human Animal Project: The Human Animal Project brings my three passions together, that of indigenous wisdom, embodiment, and the intelligence of the natural world. The Human Animal Project explores personal transformation and mastery through bringing into being an ancient but largely forgotten path to personal liberation in the modern world. You can find out more by going to the main WEBSITE, or begin by reading my BLOG on the project.
  • The HardCoreMindfulness Course: HardCoreMindfulness is a system of showing up in life fully present with poise, focus and clarity. Crucially it’s an approach for Spiritual BadAsses who recognize that being mindful needs to happen in the reality of the world we live in. Not in a world that happens between four walls with candles, and the waft of incense—but rather a world that is unforgiving, relentless, and full of edges. You can find out more about the COURSE HERE.
  •  The Art of Self Reliance Show: My ‘podclass’ where I interview amazing people living their lives on their own terms and making a positive difference in the word. You can listen to all the current episodes HERE.